The unit HITOTZUKI (the sun and the moon), which consists of the artists KAMI and SASU, began a joint production in1999, and began fullscale mural production with its participation in the New York artists group BARNSTORMERS in 2000. The duo were originally active individually as artists in their own right. Through painting using his distinctive strong, smooth lines, which are neither characters nor concrete images, KAMI has expanded the potential of street art in Japan and has continually been a driving force behind the scene as a skateboarder and street artist since 1990s, primarily in Tokyo. On the other hand, the work of SASU who creates unique geometric designs that take fruit and leaves as their motifs, is characterized by a delicacy and use of color color unique to women, and thanks to her unique stance, she has been involved in the male-dominated street art scene.
Their murals are completed by freehand, painted directly onto the wall.

The name HITOTZUKI, which signifies the sun (hi) and the moon (tsuki), is a fusion of two opposing elements: male and female, yin and yang, plus and minus. It incorporates the meaning of creating a single, harmonious world. The new scenery that this couple creates express the feeling that arise from their everyday life, as well as their hopes for the future. They are together in their creative work and their life as a family, and their very lifestyle as they createthe shape of the future is a work by HITOTZUKI.

While trying to sublimate simple, everyday beauty and joy into expressions, the duo, who live as partners even in their private life, believe even their lifestyle as a couple to be a work of art; they are pursuing their lifestyle and art from all angles and sending it out into the modern world.


Selected Solo Exhibition and Mural Projects
2021 DECODE, Snow Contemporary, Tokyo
2016 Alterrain, Snow Contemporary, Tokyo
2013 ABILIGHT, The Japan Foundation Center, Hanoi Vietnam
2011 Continuum, Great East Japan earthquake Donation Aid Project, 72 and Sunny, Los Angeles, CA
2010 OMNI, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne AU
2006 HITOTZUKI (KAMI+SASU) : tokinowamawarutokinowa, Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005 HITOTZUKI : LAND -POINT to POINT-, gallery POINT, Tokyo
2003 KAMI+SASU EXPO, 90SQM, Amsterdam

Selected Group Exhibition and Mural Project
2020 Kobe Mural Project, Kobe, Japan
2018 THE CORE MURAL ART PROJECT, The Core Kitchen / Space, Toranomon Tokyo
2017 ARTSCAPE 2017, Torsby, Varmland Sweden
2016 POW! WOW! HAWAII 2016, Kakaako, Honolulu, HI
2015 POP&STREET, Seibu Shibuya B-8F Art Gallery, Tokyo
2014 DANCING AT THE WALL vol.1 & vol.2, Nakamura Kieth Harring Collection, Yamanashi Japan
2012 PUBLIC FAIR NO.1, K11 Hong Kong Art Mall, Hong Kong
2010 Roppongi Crossing 2010: Can There Be Art?, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
2009 NAMES FEST: The 1st International Street Art Festival in Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Akasaka Art Flower 08, Tokyo
2007 OUTSIDES, Wuppertal, Germany
2005 X-COLOR: Graffiti in Japan, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, Japan
2004 The Barnstormers -Retrospective, Southeastern Center for Comtemporary Art (SECCA), Winston-Salem, NC
2003 STREETWISE 2, Kunsthof Berlin, Germany
2001 The Barnstormers -No Condition Is Parmanent, Smackmellon Gallery, NY
2000 The Barnstormers, Cameron, NC

Selected Artist Project
2021 LOUIS VUITTON “Store Mural”, Louis Vuitton Kokura, Fukuoka Japan
2019 Times Square Hong Kong, Parking Lot Mural, Causewaybay, Hong Kong (KAMI)
2018 Philips,”SASU x SENSEO LIMITED EDITION,Philips France,(SASU)
2018 Whole Foods Market QUEEN, “HITOTZUKI Ceiling mural” Honolulu,Hawaii
2017 SONY, “FES WATCH U” – Tokyo Monochrome”(KAMI)
2016 WYNWOOD ARCADE, Wynwood Miami
2014 Perrier, “Inspired by street art”, The New Limited Edition Created Bottle, (SASU)
2011 agnes.b, “ART FACADE PROJECT vol.03”, agnes.b Aoyama, Tokyo
2004 NIKE, “PRESTO – Instant Go” Asia Campaign (SASU)